We've Been In Business Since 2012

What is AdroitSSD affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is simple and per sale based. For every person you refer to us, we'll pay $5-$25 (Incredible Promo to Plus). So refer your friends, family members or followers to us, not only they will have a better hosting experience, you can make money for giving them better hosting experience with us.

Affiliate Commissions:
Incredible Promo -$5 Per Sale

Incredible One - $10 Per Sale

Incredible Plus - $25 Per Sale

All other sales are 10% (recurring)of the price client pay for services.

How do I refer people to your service?

You can use our custom affiliate link and advertise AdroitSSD Hosting Service on your website. Anytime a visitor comes to your website if they click on it and sign up, you automatically get credited.

How do I sign up your affiliate program?

Getting started is very easy! You will have to Register for an account (It's free!) Once registered and logged into the Client Portal click on the Affiliates tab to get our unique URL to send to your friends and family.

When I'll get paid?

Whenever you get sale, it will show up in your affiliates tab as completed. Once that person has been a customer for 90 days, you will receive an email from us letting you know that your account has been credited.

How Do I get Paid?

AdroitSSD will automatically add your earnings to your account which can be used for future and existing services. If you want to cash out the money instead, just submit Affiliate Deposit Request You'll receive Paypal/Payoneer deposit within 7 Business day.